Consider Refrigerated Trailers for Hire in the North East for Your Corporate Event

Refrigerated trailers for hire in the North East are used by restaurants and caterers that are planning large events. But they’re often not considered by those who want to cater for a party or a lot of people without using a professional caterer. You may find yourself in need of a hired freezer to help with your event and not realise that it is so easy to arrange.

Compared to refrigerated van hire, a trailer freezer is often the better choice because it allows you temporary cold/frozen storage that can be left with you and just plugged in. Additionally, a van requires you to pick it up and take it back (and pay for mileage). A freezer for hire is delivered to your location and then collected again.

When might it be useful to have a refrigerated trailer for a large event?

Team Building not at the Office

Team building events are an excellent way to bring employees closer together outside the office. However, it can be quite a challenge to feed all these people. You don’t want to ask them to brown-bag it, but you can’t bring the employee break-room or kitchen with you. Hiring a refrigerated trailer can help; you can purchase the food, store it until the big day, and bring the trailer with you to the event. The food stays nice and cold until you are ready to start preparing or service it. The trailer does not need to freeze your food; it can just act as a very large fridge.

You can also use a refrigerated trailer for the office party; if alcohol is going to be served, you can keep your prosecco nice and cold in the refrigerated trailer.