Boat Share In Pittwater: Advantages

A boat share in Pittwater is a shared ownership program; you work with a management company that works with a syndicate company full of beautiful boats available for purchase. When a total of eight people are interested in the same vessel, you all put down 1/8th of the capital to buy the ship. That way, you own a boat for a fraction of the cost while still getting plenty of use out of it. Most companies allow up to 43 days of use on the boat, and each owner gets the same amount of time. It is usually broken up into weekdays and weekends so that it is fair all the way down the line.

A boat share in Pittwater also gives you a walk-on/walk-off experience. You and your guests arrive for your big day and walk on to a well-maintained boat. You bring along whatever food, drink, and accessories you want and you sail away. If you’re planning a big party and want to be part of it, you can also hire a skipper who can sail for you. The best part is that when you get back to the marina, you walk off and head back home without having to worry about maintenance, cleaning, and refuelling.

LBS makes it easy to enjoy the boating lifestyle with a boat share in Pittwater. Everything is balanced and fair; there are eight owners, you get 43 days of boating each year, and you can take the boat where you want to go. The syndicate program runs from many desirable places around Sydney, and you also have berthing arrangements with many other spots, too. Therefore, you can stop off in Walsh Bay to get some dinner before heading back or spending the night rocking on the boat, depending on how long you’ve booked it and what plans you have.