Everything You Need to Know about Moving Truck Leasing in Williamsburg

by | May 15, 2017 | Transportation

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Leasing new moving trucks is a great way to start off your removals company. The most important asset for any moving company is its fleet of trucks. Without a proper fleet of trucks for moving items, you won’t be able to get your business off the ground. However, many companies often have difficulty in procuring the funds for buying the expensive moving trucks outright when first starting out. A better option would be to go for moving truck leasing in Williamsburg. You can put a down payment on the moving trucks and then pay the monthly lease rental.

Many Companies Offer Leasing Services

If you are interested in moving truck leasing, you should know that there are several private companies that currently offer such facilities. Most of the companies that currently offer leasing services will first ask about your bank statements, business prospects, and whether you will be able to pay the monthly rental or not. Usually, most small businesses start out with one or two trucks. You can get more information through the company’s website and discuss your options with a representative.


When it comes to moving truck leasing, you will need to provide relevant documentation as well. You should know that the trucks will be owned by the leasing company until all of the rental fees have been paid. The company will also charge an interest fee on top the rental price for facilitating the sale. Once you have paid the rental amounts, the truck’s ownership will be transferred to you. You should ask the company to give you the lease schedule so you can make your payments accordingly. If you pay a higher down payment, the monthly rentals will obviously be reduced, so evaluate these details before proceeding.