How Custom Crating in Austin Serves Shipping Needs

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Moving Services

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Now and then everyone is faced with the problem of shipping an unusual object. Oddly shaped, oversized, heavy or extremely delicate items can seem almost impossible to prepare for shipping. Fortunately, businesses like Crate Master offer solutions. Their technicians provide custom Crating & packing service for literally anything imaginable. They also guarantee that crating in Austin is designed to protect contents and meet the highest standards.

Craftsmen Design Unique Solutions

All wooden crating in Austin is done by experienced craftsmen with years of experience. As a result, they can combine technology and skill to design packaging for any projects that customers have. Designs are so precise that even the tiniest, most fragile parts on huge, heavy machinery are protected. The items that craftsmen have successfully packaged and shipped include:

  *      Helicopters

  *      Manufacturing equipment

  *      Robots

  *      Chandeliers

  *      Trade show materials

  *      Paintings, antiques and sculptures

  *      Mail sorting equipment

  *      Conveyors

Crating Experts Focus on Safety

Expert crating technicians adhere to safety standards designed to keep them and their projects safe. Workers wear protective gear as they design and build crates. Careful pre-planning lets them spot any possible problems before work begins. Their designs consider every inch of crate contents, to ensure complete safety during shipping. They also use protective measures when crates are being hauled to trucks or ocean containers. Crating companies also offer secure warehousing and storage.

Professionals Adhere to High Standards

Clients also depend on crating experts to make sure that packages meet all domestic and foreign requirements. Crate building companies are carefully and routinely inspected for compliance and certified by organizations like The Chamber of Commerce, TMTA (Texas Motor Transportation Association) and SC & RA Specialized Carrier and Rigging Association. Craftsmen also understand International shipping requirements and make sure that crates do not have problems cleaning through customs. They also work to the high DOD and MIL standards imposed by the U.S. Government.

Custom crating professionals offer packaging solutions for individuals, businesses, and even the U.S. Government. They use technology and skill to design custom crates for virtually anything that needs to be shipped. Experts make sure that contents stay safe and meet even the most rigorous quality standards.