More than Empty Space: About your Local Mini Storage Company

Lifestyle changes can render a large home’s contents, and a pared down lifestyle emphasizing thrift and order incompatible. However, no one wants to lose possessions representing years of labor, meaningful family ties and flashes of artistic expression. To avoid having to sell or donate valued property, many households rent space at the closest Mini Storage Company, keeping their property safe for the future. Though you may believe that storage companies provide little more than garage-like units, businesses like U-Stor Self Storage also offer packing materials, equipment for your move and convenient access to your secure storage unit.

Storage company websites like make renting storage space easier with pages dedicated to price lists. Since the units are sorted by location, you can choose your space without leaving home. Some storage companies also rent vehicles small enough to move one or two rooms, to trucks that are large enough to move five to seven rooms or a whole house. In addition to information, many self-storage companies provide pages where renters can make their payments, and where new customers can reserve storage units, moving trucks and appliance dollies. Some storage companies go one step further by offering specialty packaging supplies, like shrink wrap and wide packing tape, by the spool. And if you need a padlock, you can order that through the website, as well.

A Mini Storage Company might also provide outdoor storage spaces for recreational vehicles and boats, as well as temperature controlled units should you wish to store property requiring a specific, constant temperature or controlled environment. With security in mind, the manager lives on site, and each well-lit location has 24-hour surveillance cameras, but you have 24-hour access to your unit. To make your packing and moving experience less stressful, some storage companies will buy back any excess packing materials or boxes you discover once your move is complete. In addition to buy-back policies, many of these companies feature seasonal rent specials and printable coupons on their websites. When you’re ready to downsize or need storage for your club of business, explore storage company websites like and find your new storage unit. You can also connect with them on Facebook!