Situations That Call for Help with an Auto Unlock in Lumberton

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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At one time or another, most people will need help from a professional locksmith. Along with help with the locks around the house, there is also the possibility of needing assistance with auto locks. Here are some scenarios that illustrate how an Auto unlock in Lumberton can come in handy.

Lost Keys

One of the more common reasons to need an Auto unlock in Lumberton is losing the car keys. The good news is there is a spare key under the mat on the driver’s side. Once the car lock is tripped, it will be easy enough to get in the car and use the spare key to drive the vehicle home. Keep in mind the locksmith can also help with replacing the lost keys and get things back to normal.

Broken Keys

For some reason, the key broke off in the door lock. Not only is the lock still engaged, but it is also now impossible to use the remote control to trigger the lock. Until the broken piece is removed, there is no way to get into the car without breaking the glass.
Choosing to call a locksmith will make it possible to extract the broken portion. The professional can also check for any damage to the lock and see what caused the problem in the first place. If necessary, the professional can also help with replacing the door locks and ensuring the problem does not arise again.

Stolen Keys

Getting mugged is not the most pleasant experience. When the mugger takes the keys along with the wallet, something has to be done fast. Along with alerting the police and making sure they are watching the house, it pays to call a locksmith who can open the car doors. If a loved one can bring a spare set of keys to the site, it will be possible to get home and talk with the professional about changing the locks on the front and back doors.

In many cases, it will not take long to trip the lock and put the crisis in the past.