Thinking About Moving?

You’re not alone. About 11.2 percent of the U.S. population moved between 2015 and 2017, the United States Census Bureau reported. If you’re planning to move to a different state, here are a few things to ask before you pick any interstate moving companies in San Diego.

Is the company licensed?

It’s smart to hire properly licensed firms. With plenty of moving scams along with rogue movers out there, this step can save you a lot of untold stress and hassle later. For companies that provide long-distance moves, the license number will be issued by the United States Department of Transportation while local moving companies will hold a state license.

What services are available?

You’ll want to check the service lineup of the company before anything else. Not all moving firms provide long-distance moves. Some companies focus on providing moving services while others provide packing, storage, and commercial moving services. Don’t have the time to pack your things? Then that packing assistance should be convenient. Keep these things in mind when you scout around for interstate moving companies in San Diego.

Is there liability coverage?

There should be. Be sure to ask before you pick a nationwide mover to help move into your new home. If anything happens, you want to make sure your belongings are covered.

What is the BBB rating?

Ratings from the Better Business Bureau give you a good indication whether you’re hiring the right movers for the job or not. Are there any complaints lodged against the company? Does it have a litigation history?

What is the company’s reputation?

Pick movers with an excellent reputation in the field. An excellent record of trustworthiness, value and on-time results is a quality you’ll want to consider before you hand over your cherished belongings to a team of movers.