What To Look For In Storage Units In Titusville Fl

There are two basic types of storage facilities in Titusville Fl that are set up for short or long term storage of residential furniture and household items. These include self storage units and storage offered through moving companies.

While they may have the same general description, they are actually very different. To understand the differences, a closer look at each option will help you to determine which option is best for your needs and for the safety and security of your household possessions.

Self Storage

There are different options for storage units In Titusville Fl. Some offer more of a warehouse layout with all access to the individual storage units through the interior of the building. These tend to provide 24-hour security, ventilation and fire suppression systems.

The other options are more like garages with outside access. These tend to have limited security after hours and there may or may not be a fence around the area or control over access to the facility.

Both of these types of self-storage options will simply provide the facility. You will have to box, pack, load, transport and unload and pack the storage area. In most cases, you will be required to sign a contract for a rental for a specific amount of time.

Moving Companies

Top moving companies offer storage units in their own secured facilities. These are not open to the public, so there is greater control over access to the facilities. In addition, each customer will have a separate vault where the items are secured and protected.

These Titusville Fl facilities will offer full fire suppression and security systems. In addition, the movers will arrange to move your items from your home to the storage facility and then back again, or to any destination of your choice, when the time is right.