Attributes of the Best Truck Driving Schools

The demand for truck drivers, the excellent earning potential, and the short length of needed training courses are increasing the appeal of driving schools across the country. No college degree is needed, and the requirements are minimal. This means an average person who has finished high school can embark on a new career in mere months.


A regular drivers’ license and a clean driving record are essential. Background checks are conducted, and those need to be clear of criminal convictions. Health is a factor. Potential students must be able to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical to enroll in courses. Once the course is completed, students will need to demonstrate skills learned to pass a driving test administered by the state. It is at that point a commercial drivers license (CDL) is issued.

Where to Learn

Not all schools offer the same courses and a high-quality education. It is important to do some research to find the Best Truck Driving Schools. Experience is one attribute that speaks volumes. A school that has a high fail rate among students will not be in business for long. One that had a reputation for turning out unsafe drivers will also not be in business. Those still operating after a decade or two are worth considering.

A Wide Variety of Courses

There are several variations of a CDL. One license does not mean a holder can get into any type of truck and drive it. Class A and B licenses, those for in town delivery trucks, and special licenses for bio-hazard materials all require specific courses to address the skills and knowledge required. An experienced school, such as Star Truck Driving School, will offer courses for most types of licenses.

Job Placement

The Best Truck Driving Schools offer ongoing job placement support to graduates. A license is only a benefit if a job is found. There are many vacancies for truck drivers, and job placement services make it easier to find a position that suits need, skills, desired wage, and preferences. This is an added value service that will not be available at all driving schools.

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