Tips for Selecting Your Refrigerated Truck Shipping in Chicago

Are you new to the world of refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago? Maybe it is just that you need to find a provider of refrigerated trucking and are unsure about how to choose the best? We’re here with a few simple tips to help you make the best decision.

  • The most significant factor to examine is what the provider of refrigerated trucking has to say about guaranteed pickup and delivery times, and what will occur if they fail to honor them. Are they clear about how the manage your shipment? Do they use tracking? Remember, the most time-sensitive of any sort of shipment is the one that is perishable and in need of refrigeration, so find out about their ability to remain on schedule.
  • A premium provider offers several solutions or options. For example, a provider should have intermodal shipping options, but also warehouse or yard storage, and more. Even a drayage provider should have multiple solutions.
  • Do they have testimonials or references? This is an easily overlooked factor and yet it is something that can point you towards an ideal provider, or alternatively, away from the wrong provider who has no feedback or negative comments from clients.
  • Ask a provider about insurance, and what types are required for the materials you are shipping and if any of the essential insurance coverage is worked or built into the shipping price.
  • The firm offering refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago should be transparent about any charges or fees assigned to the project. After all, any sums tagging on at the end affect the overall budget for your firm and you must have all of these fees clearly stated up front
  • Be aware that pricing does shift according to a wide array of market issues, and many of them may not be as obvious as you think

These are just a few key points to consider when looking for a provider of refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago. You may also want to know if they give quotes, how they deal with loading and unloading, and more. When you require refrigerated truck shipping in Chicago, get in touch with the team at Larry’s Cartage. Specializing in intermodal shipping since the 1980s, the company focuses on quick and efficient deliveries, they offer the kinds of services and attention you need to get the best results. You can contact them online or by phone at 603-920-0772.