The Benefits Of Air Conditioned Storage Units in Bonita Springs FL

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Storage Services

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When it comes to moving from one location to another, there are a lot of various aspects to consider. For instance, it is rather important to have a new place to move into once the property that is for sale sells. Often times, there is a small period of time where the buyers are not able to get into their new home. This poses a bit of a dilemma because the owners have moved everything out of their house that they sold and they need a place to hold all of their furnishings and valuables. Fortunately, there are storage options available. Visit Website Domain to learn more about air conditioned storage units in Bonita Springs FL and the advantages of climate controlled units.

Advantages Of A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Air conditioned storage units in Bonita Springs FL maintain a consistent cool temperature year round. Some of these units have advanced humidity control as well. Such options are a bit more expensive than a regular storage unit. However, air conditioned units will provide the individual with peace of mind that their valuables and antiques are safe. Household items that benefit from climate controlled storage include electronics, upholstered furniture, mattresses, antiques, musical instruments, book and magazines.

The Difference Between Climate Controlled And Basic Storage Units

As stated in the name, climate controlled storage units maintain a consistent cool temperature. These storage units protect items stored in them from extreme changes in the weather. For example, wood furniture, instruments and antiques can split, warp or crack because of the changes in temperature. Another reason to choose a climate controlled unit is because of the reduction of debris and dust. This is because these units are typically inside buildings. Because of this, it makes it harder for rodents or insects to get inside. Also, there is less foot traffic bringing in dirt and dust from the outside, as well as a less likelihood of minor flooding affecting the items in the storage unit.

Families have collected items for many years, some of those items have been passed down from one generation to another. Because of this, protecting such items is very important. A climate controlled storage unit can do just that, whether it is needed for a few weeks or years.