Controlling Costs for Commercial Storage in York, PA

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Storage Services

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Large businesses typically require huge storage space for equipment, inventory, and records. The answer is either building a warehouse, or renting a portion of the warehouse. There are some businesses that do not require a lot of storage space. Medium and small businesses, independent ones, and business owners who work from a home office may need some commercial storage in York, PA, but do not require huge spaces. Instead of renting out a section of a warehouse, control costs by utilizing a self-storage company that can accommodate the needs

Units range from small ones the size of a linen closet to large ones that can fit the contents of a four bedroom house. Rates will be more cost-effective, and there are no contacts to sign. The most important considerations when seeking commercial storage in York, PA are accessibility and security. Business owners have to have access to supplies and inventory when they are needed. Most self-storage units are only opened for specific hours, six days a week. That works well for businesses that operate from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon but will not suit retail needs or small manufacturing companies. Extended access is available 365 days a year from five in the morning until midnight. Those hours accommodate retail stores, as well as a factory that operates three shifts.

Security is essential. If records are stored, they have to be kept confidential. Inventory has to be safe to avoid major losses, and equipment is valuable to businesses. There are facilities that use surveillance cameras, security gates, and staff on the premises all night. Those measures, in addition to the strong lock provided and locked by the business owner, will prevent losses and reduce liability risks. Each unit has to be protected by insurance or by a protection plan provided by the facility at a nominal cost. Business owners can schedule an appointment to view the facility and Get FREE consultations regarding suggestions for sizing, selection of a move-in date, and information about mobile storage units. A mobile unit is perfect for renovations and temporary on-site storage needs. The unit is delivered and used on-site to reduce disruption time during renovations or to store temporary overstock.