FAQs About Corporate Relocations In Chicago

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Relocations

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In Illinois, corporations manage their relocation requirements by hiring a professional moving company. These professional providers offer advanced technology to track shipments and keep items safer. The following are FAQs about corporate relocations in Chicago.

Does the Moving Company Use the Electronic Data Interchange?

Yes, the moving company uses the electronic data interchange. The system enables them to provide electronic invoices for each package. They provide a better management system to prevent a loss for the company. This practice eliminates the need for paper invoices. It reduces the impact on the environment.

Can They Monitor Shipments Through Their Information System?

Through the electronic date interchange, the moving company monitors all packages. They provide immediate location updates to prevent a loss. The data helps them identify the expected date of arrival for each package. If a package is displaced from the transit vehicle, the company locates it quickly to stop a total loss of the enclosed assets.

Are They ISO Certified?

Moving companies that utilize information systems must be ISO 9001:2008 certified. The standard enforces security and how confidential information is used online. Under the standard, the company must provide adequate protection for the information. This also includes the contents of each package. The standard enforces implementations that prevent identity theft, data loss, and potential theft of property.

Does the Company Offer Portable Storage Containers?

Yes, the moving company provides portable storage containers. These containers are appropriate for all materials and keep them safe at all times. The containers are ideal for companies that need to store any items on a long-term basis. They also prevent damage during the shipment of these items.

Do They Manage International Requirements?

Yes, the moving company manages all international requirements. The packages must meet custom’s requirements based on the country in which they are delivered. This includes declarations for each item enclosed in the packages. It also includes safe packaging of items that present environmental hazards such as chemicals.

In Illinois, professional moving companies make the transition to a new region easier for corporations. They utilize information systems to prevent errors and provide real-time tracking. They also provide adequate containers to prevent avoidable damage. Business owners who need corporate relocations in Chicago contact Windy City Movers Inc.

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