What to Check When You Rent a Car at A Busy Airport

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Transportation

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Just before you collect your vehicle from the airport car rental in Costa Rica, the owners will have cleaned it inside and outside, checked the basic maintenance like the oil and fluid levels and inflated the tires correctly. This is probably more checking than you complete with your own vehicle before you take it out on every journey. Nevertheless, before you drive the vehicle away there are a number of checks you should complete, first.

Take Photographs of the Vehicle

To ensure that you can prove the state of the vehicle when you collected it, so this can be compared to the day you return it, use a camera or your mobile phone to take photographs of both the interior and the exterior.

Make a careful note on all of the documentation that shows where you have located any dents or scratches on the vehicle.

While most individuals will check the outside of the vehicle, any problems inside the vehicle often go unnoticed until you have driven away. You should note any stains or damaged marks to any of the upholstery.

Depending upon the rules of the rental company, it may be supplied with a full tank of fuel. Where this matters and forms a part of the contract between you and the airport car rental business in Costa Rica, visually confirm the fuel level in the vehicle and that the information agrees with all of the documentation provided.

Check The Air Conditioning

When you are going to use the vehicle in a climate that requires regular use of the air-conditioning, you should turn the vehicle on and after a short wait, check that the air-conditioning runs smoothly for a few minutes. It should quickly move to a temperature that you will enjoy with a good quality of flowing air.

Although the rental business should have checked all of your fuel levels, it only takes a minute or two to confirm that the washer fluid has enough water for your journey, that your brake fluid is over the minimum requirements and that the oil level is going to last for your journeys.

Check The Safety Elements

You will need to check that all of the seat belts work effectively before you move off and be sure to visually inspect them to give you peace of mind that they are not damaged or frayed. Should you be transporting a child then a careful inspection of the child seat is important; as important as the latching system working effectively.

A brief inspection of the music system as well as the GPS will prove that you understand and can operate these accessories which are important if your journey is to be pleasant and rewarding.

As soon as you are able, test the brakes before you have driven far from the airport car rental location, so an easy return is always possible.

We expect you to enjoy your airport car rental in Costa Rica from Solid Car Rental. We pride ourselves with the quality of our vehicles. Whether you are travelling for business or on vacation, our home locations and airport facilities are designed to make hiring a vehicle from us as easy as possible.