Options for Inter-Island Transportation in Hawaii

Traveling to paradise is something many people imagine doing. The tropical weather means getting to be outside as much as possible while in Hawaii, with a range of temperatures depending on where and when someone is visiting. From May to September the climate is drier than from October to April and anytime a visit is made in Hawaii it is a memorable experience.

Across each of the Hawaiian islands, there are many different ways to relax. Sports like surfing, scuba diving or sailing are great ways to experience each of the Hawaiian islands. On land, activities like golf, horseback riding, hiking in the mountain areas as well as visiting active volcanoes are also ways to spend time in Hawaii.

Since there are different things to do on each of the eight main islands as well as the smaller islets there are many ways to travel between these locations. Going by boat or hovercraft to each location can sometimes take more time depending on water conditions. The major airports in Honolulu, Kona or Lihue, can be another way to travel that avoids the time needed for boating. Flights from larger airports may have delays because of so much international air travel to and from Hawaii.

Another choice for traveling between the islands is charter service. With the ability to get to smaller airports, more time can be spent enjoying Hawaii and all it has to offer instead of facing delays from large airport congestion or water conditions while boating between the islands.

A personalized experience of using charter flight service also can mean having a view while traveling between the islands that not everyone who visits Hawaii can enjoy. Using a charter service also means travel on a schedule that fits better within activities available on each island. Charter air travel itself is another way to have a great memory of a visit to the islands of Hawaii. A way to experience so much of what Hawaii has to see and do makes charter air service a convenient choice when visiting Hawaii. To learn more about inter-island transportation in Hawaii contact Royal Pacific Air.