Why Shippers Order Custom Wooden Crates In San Antonio

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Moving Services

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Anyone who has ever moved a houseful of furniture can verify that finding safe packaging in the right sizes can be a nightmare. When items are being shipped Internationally, are over-sized, or fragile, the task can seem impossible. However, a Crating & packing service like Crate Master tackles these kinds of problems on a daily basis. They design protective packaging for shipments of every type, work to the highest industry standards and offer shipping services.

Craftsmen Make the Difference

Although average sized crates and pallets are fine for shipping most things, some items require specialty custom crating. They need to be shipped in complex, very protective packaging. That is why the technicians who build custom wooden crates in San Antonio have years of experience in the building industry. In fact, they also take orders for playhouses, benches, and entire buildings. They are skilled woodworkers and carpenters who view each object as a unique project with its own requirements. Their skilled planning and designs ensure that even the tiniest components on the biggest machines are protected.

It Is Possible to Safely Crate Anything

Custom protective wooden crates in San Antonio are created from scratch, so builders can accommodate everything from the smallest fragile antiques to the biggest, heaviest machinery. In fact, the finest crating companies are certified to work with the U.S. Armed Services. They routinely meet and exceed even the most rigid DOD and MIL standards. Some of the projects they work on include:
   *     Robots

   *     Chandeliers

   *     Conveyors

   *     Trade Show Crates

   *     Sculptures

   *     Manufacturing Equipment

   *     Helicopters

   *     Motorcycles

   *     Packaging Experts Are Shipping Pros

One reason that custom crate builders are able to safely prepare items for shipment is that they offer shipping services themselves. They ensure that items do not shift during transport and are protected on sea journeys. Crating businesses are International shipping experts, so they make sure that crates will pass foreign customs clearance. This is critical, since improperly packaged items are often fumigated in foreign ports, which can destroy contents.

Shippers who want to protect unusual or very valuable items during transport often have custom crates made. The craftsmen who build specialty crates work to the highest standards. They are also shipping experts who ensure that items reach destinations in perfect condition.