Packing Tips for Your Upcoming Move

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Moving Services

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If you’re getting ready to move to Santa Monica and want to do it in a really organized way that protects your stuff, get ready for a few tips and tricks to help you through.

  • The local dollar store is your friend. No matter what you need in the way of scissors, cheap padding, tape, notepads, and markers, you can find it all here and carry it away in back foals without busting your budget.
  • If you are looking for really sturdy and secure containers for your valuables and breakables, then look at sturdy plastic tubs available at Target and other big-box stores. These tubs are stackable, crush proof, and the lids can be secured with a simple drill and padlock. You can also use these for storage in your new home.
  • Trimmings from wall-to-wall carpet can be rolled into tubes and used to hold fragile glassware in place. You can also stack glassware on top of these roles by simply cutting cardboard to shape and beginning another layer of carpet rolls.
  • Pack odds and ends in Ziploc bags and use them to fill spaces in boxes and bins. Once again, the local store is your friend when you need to organize.
  • Label each box according to the room to which it will go. This will save you lots of frustration when you are expecting to open a box of the kids’ toys, and instead have yours and your spouse’s… er… toys.

Last but not least, make sure that your mover is an experienced and licensed moving company. Cross state movers in California must be licensed through the Public Utilities Commission and must the appropriate state permits and verification of insurance. Don’t trust your valuable home goods to a cheap mover, go with the professionals for the best results.