How to Pick the Best Moving and Storage Team

Get your belongings to your new home safely and on time. Learn how to pick the best moving team to help you.

Reviews and recommendations

Pay attention to both when you look for a moving and storage firm in Tarzana that fits the bill. Consider what other customers are saying. Identify the general trend in the reviews. Is it positive? That’s going to help with your hiring decision.

Quotes and costs

A company is more than its quotes. You need to consider reputation and service quality as well. That said, while it’s important to look for a company that offers services that fit your price range, don’t compromise on your hiring standards to save on costs. Look for a moving and storage firm in Tarzana that offers the best balance between cost and reliable service.

History and experience

How long has the company been around? How much experience does it have with long-distance moves? Years of experience is a marker for reliability.

Reputation and record

What kind of reputation does the company have? Make sure it’s a good one. Check the firm’s track record. Does it have a long list of satisfied clients? If it has a litigation history, then that consider your hiring decision carefully. Hiring a firm involved in a lawsuit can be a risky move. If the company goes under, what will happen to your money? It may be better to move on to firms that aren’t facing any lawsuits in court.


When you handed over a list of instructions, does the moving team listen? Did they do a good job of going over every detail with you so you’ll know what to expect? How long did the company reply to your inquiries, calls or emails? Choose a firm that’s prompt and responsive to your needs, Which suggests.