Points to Ponder About a Pallet in Dallas for a Range of Uses

Businesses of various types go through millions of pallets each year, since the devices can’t last forever and they often have to support a great deal of weight. When it comes to a pallet in Dallas, people in charge of buying or leasing the devices can choose wood, plastic or composite for the material. Some are made from a blend of recycled rubber and plastic. Others are built from metal or corrugated paper.

A Commonly Viewed Use for Pallets

An enormous number of businesses use pallets in a variety of industries. People in general, may be most familiar with pallets in food warehousing and transport. They see the equipment in grocery stores as goods are being unloaded. A pallet in Dallas might be holding cases of soda, cans of vegetables or boxes of pasta and rice. Pallets provide an efficient way of storing and moving a relatively large amount of packaged foods.

The Food Storage Process

Back at the food production facility, large machines called palletizers move these items onto pallets in rows, after which everything is wrapped securely and moved by forklifts to a place in the warehouse. When considering how much food is consumed by the world’s citizenry each year, it’s no wonder that so many pallets are required for the warehousing of these items.

One Billion Pallets in One Country Alone

In fact, research shows that more than 1 billion pallets are currently in use in the United States alone. Wood is the most commonly used material, mainly because of its low cost. The wood is acquired from sawmills working with hardwood and softwood.

Cost Effectiveness

Although wood pallets may need to be replaced sooner than those made of plastic or metal, many businesses have determined that it’s more cost-effective to do so instead of paying more upfront for the others. The devices can be repaired if minor damage occurs.

When ordering pallets from a supplier like Crate Master, the customer also may want to order wood boxes that include customized crates. A broad range of other wood products can be purchased from this type of company, such as shelving, benches, and tables.