Specialized Packing Services in Dallas

Standard crating & packing service is fast, efficient, and suitable for most items to be shipped. From thousands of pieces of retailer inventory to a birthday present for a family member, items can be protected with packing peanuts, foam, newspaper, and small plastic bags filled with air. Most supplies for packing personal items can be purchased in a department or office supply store. Some are also available right at the post office or counter at most parcel carriers. Basic packing supplies are typically provided by the company packing merchandise, machinery, or appliances on pallets. Most pallets are packed using shrink wrap to keep items in place during transport.

Specialized packing services in Dallas are available for items that are odd-shaped, very heavy, valuable, or fragile. Bracing of items within a crate can ensure they arrive at their final destination without sustaining any damage. That prized deer that was sent to the taxidermist, for example, may be damaged during shipping if the legs and antlers are not properly supported and completely covered in foam or soft cushioning. Packing peanuts will not help in this situation.

Sending that antique tea set that belonged to your grandmother to a niece as a wedding present takes special care and attention. A cardboard box, bubble wrap, and writing “Fragile” on the outside of the box is not worth the risk of damage to an item that insurance money cannot replace. A crate can be designed with separate lined compartments to cradle each piece of that set. A cover lined with thick foam will ensure pieces remain securely in place regardless of how the crate is thrown around during the journey.

Medical testing and diagnostic machinery are other examples of items that required expert packing services in Dallas. The machine is heavy, so it will require a reinforced pallet. There will be sensitive components that will have to be secured to maintain calibration. Computer screens, monitoring tools, and power supply packs will also be included. Shipping items separately will increase the risk of pieces getting lost or delayed as well as increase the total costs. One enclosed pallet on wheels, carefully packed by experienced professionals, can protect every aspect of the machinery while it travels.