What to Expect When Your Vehicle Needs Towing in Lumberton

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Towing and Recovery

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New motorists are often excited to get on the road, but that can turn to dread and a little bit of fear of the unknown when they’re suddenly on the side of the road with a vehicle that just won’t drive any further. It’s important for them to know who to contact for Towing in Lumberton and for them to know what to expect from the towing company.

It Might Take a While

Having a vehicle towed can take a while. This is going to depend on whether all of the trucks are busy at the moment, the traffic they need to get through to get the vehicle, and whether it’s an emergency situation. Emergency situations would be where a person is stuck on the side of a busy highway, where it’s unsafe, with a child in the vehicle or when there is a child or pet locked inside of a vehicle.

Stay By the Vehicle If It’s Safe

It’s important to stay by the vehicle as long as it’s safe to do so. On the side of the highway, a person might walk away from the vehicle to where they’re safer but can still see the vehicle to know when the tow truck arrives. In a supermarket parking lot, the person is in a safer spot and doesn’t have to worry about passing vehicles at high speeds, so they should stay with the vehicle.

Know Where You’re Going and How

While a person waits, they should figure out where they want to take the vehicle and how they’re going to get there. They should have a specific mechanic in mind and be able to give the tow truck driver directions if necessary. They should also figure out if they’re going to be riding with the tow truck driver or if they’ll have a friend pick them up to follow the tow truck to the mechanic.

If your vehicle is in need of Towing in Lumberton, knowing what to expect can be important. They’ll be there to help you as quickly as possible.
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