Tips for Purchasing New Truck Tires

When it is time to purchase new tires for your truck, you want to be sure you get the best quality product possible. Some of the factors you want to think about when selecting tires are the grip of the tires, the length of the tread warranty, pavement performance, and rolling resistance. In this article, we’ll consider what to watch for when you are considering truck tire sales in New Jersey.

Traction Needs

Every type of truck tire has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You need to determine what type of terrain you will be driving on, what your driving style is, and how the weather is in your region of the country. If you drive mainly on pavement, all-season tires are an excellent choice. Those who do some off-roading may want to choose all-terrain tires. Off-road tiers are best for those who often find themselves driving in those sorts of environments.

Treadwear Ratings

Most of the tires out there have a Uniform Tire Quality Grade, which relates to traction, temperature, and treadwear. The basic idea if that the highest the rating on treadwear, the longer you can expect the tire to last you. However, this isn’t always strictly true. Higher ratings can mean the tire compound is harder, which isn’t great for everyone. Those who want more grip might be happier with a lower treadwear rating.

Tire Sizing

You’ll want to determine before making truck tire sales in New Jersey what the size of your original tire was. It’s often the best option to choose a tire that is the same size. If you aren’t sure which size your current tires are, you can find this information on the sticker on your driver’s door or in your vehicle owner’s manual. The same size tire should be used for all four of the vehicle’s wheels.

Value Expectations

Just like the rest of your truck components, your tires will need maintenance from time to time. They need to be rotated on a regular basis. Sometimes they may also need to be rebalanced and maintain tire pressure is also crucial. Being sure that these things are done can help keep a longer tire life, which makes the initial price more acceptable.

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