Three Tips to Keep in Mind About Semi Truck Towing in Atlanta, GA

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Towing and Recovery Companies

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When most vehicles break down on the side of the road, calling a towing company is easy to do. However, when the owner of a semi truck experiences a mechanical failure that leaves the vehicle stranded, fixing the situation can be much more complicated. These three tips are unique considerations that semi truck owners must keep in mind when looking for semi truck towing in Atlanta, GA.

Not Every Towing Company in the Area Will Agree to Tow a Semi Truck

When trying to find the right company for semi truck towing in Atlanta, GA, it is important to consider that not every towing company will be able or willing to tow the vehicle. For some companies, there is an issue of not being able to tow semi trucks because the towing company simply does not have vehicles that are powerful enough to move the semi. Other companies may not want to tow the semi because of the increase risk of accident or damage that can come with towing semis along the highway.

Charges for Towing a Semi May be Higher Than the Cost for Other Vehicles

Costs for towing semi trucks can often be hundreds if not thousands of dollars more than the costs for towing other types of vehicles. The reasons for the increase in costs include the type and amount of gas needed for the specialized semi truck towing vehicle. If a semi truck needs towed because it has been in an accident, some companies will charge up to $50,000 due to the difficulty of the tow.

Look for Towing Companies That Have Experience Towing Semi Trucks

Some semi owners will be in a hurry to find any company willing to tow their vehicle. However, choosing a towing company with positive past experiences in towing is vital to making sure that the semi reaches its final destination safely and securely. Owners should make sure the company is licensed and insured as well.

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