Why Use a Broker to Buy a Yacht

Buying a yacht can be as complicated as buying your first home. Brokers can help with the process and make it go much smoother. There are several advantages to having this licensed professional in your corner before starting the buying process. Here are a few.

They Understand the Laws

There are plenty of laws and taxes when transferring vessels between individuals. An HMY yacht broker at Allied Marine is familiar with the laws and the taxes involved. They will help you with the title transfer process and handle all the paperwork to make sure you get full and proper ownership of the boat. They’ll make sure you have all the right paperwork completed and taxes or duties paid.

Customized Services

An HMY yacht broker in Stuart, FL, can help ensure you get the features you want in a boat. They can find yachts meeting your criteria and protect you from scams and shady sellers. Brokers also schedule your sea trial for you and will go with you. If there are any issues, they can help determine if it’s a deal breaker or if there is a reasonable solution.

Purchasing Assistance

A reputable HMY yacht broker in Stuart, FL, will let you know if a boat is overpriced. They can also check to be sure there are no delinquent taxes on the boat. An escrow will be set up for you and they can help find an insurer.

After the Purchase

Brokers ensure records of the sale are in order after the purchase. They may also recommend yacht classes if this is your first large vessel purchase. It’s well worth it to have a broker on your side when buying a yacht.

If you’re thinking about buying a yacht and need an HMY yacht broker in Stuart, FL, visit the Allied Marine website to help you find one.

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