Island Transportation in Hawaii Shows the True Side of the Islands

Hawaii is in many ways an unspoiled gem. At the heart of it are the deep roots of the culture that stem from its people and their love and respect for their island homes. In many ways, Hawaiians try to celebrate their land by sharing its beauty with outsiders in a number of different ways. There are countless views that help to set Hawaii apart from any other place on the planet. The charter company Royal Pacific Air is dedicated to showing the secret and natural beauty of the islands to outsiders through airplane tours.

Airplane tours may not sound that inspiring at a glance, however, most people do not know just what they are signing up for. There are many places in Hawaii that can only be easily seen from the air. A commercial flight in over the islands does not accurately tell the story of the islands. Island Transportation in Hawaii reveals a history in which these islands formed through millions of years of volcanic activity at the bottom of the sea. Imagine the slow, creeping growth of Mauna Kea from beneath the waters to its height of over two and a half miles above the sea.

If that isn’t stunning enough, there are plenty of other things that can only be seen from the air. From their own personal windows aboard a chartered plane, guests get to see the frothing mouth of active volcanoes from every imaginable angle. Guides narrate throughout the tours as visitors see the magma bubble from open magma chambers out into the countryside. They witness as it trickles down into the sea, searing the water while slowly adding to the continuous expansion of the islands.

While the active volcanoes certainly play a role in the rugged beauty of the islands, Hawaii has a wealth of scenery most people only get one chance to see. From inside the air-conditioned plane, visitors get to see the lush rain-forests of the islands. They get to witness the beauty of the native fauna all through the use of Island Transportation in Hawaii. Witnessing all of this is a life-changing opportunity that can help visitors understand the love and respect with which the islanders treat their home. Click here for more details.